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Singing Lesson 003

In this lesson items discussed are proper mouth positioning, throat opening breathing and air support for singing with a nice and powerful voice. The importance of singing with a mirror in hand so that you can see whether your throat is completely open or not is suggested. Some vocal exercises which help create a nice and powerful sound are discussed. Please watch the free vocal technique video below.


Singing Lesson 002  

This lesson reviews how to get a nice tone when singing. The key to singing with a nice tone is to get the whole mouth throat, cheeks and body to vibrate. Humming scales, with your jaw dropped low and lips covering your mouth opening gets you to sound as if you are humming which makes it easy to cause a vibrant voice. Please watch the free voice lesson video below.


Singing Lesson 001

In this lesson, vibrato technique is explained. Vibrato is the pulsation of of airflow which causes a fluctuation in the volume of sound. Pulsation exercises are used to get some airflow control while singing. At first it is necessary to sing long notes and practice hearing the change in the volumes as the note is held. Watch the free vibrato lesson in the video below.


Drum Lesson Lesson 001

In this lesson, a single stroke drum roll exercise is explained. When learning how to play drums quickly and make the left hand as fast as the right hand, it is important to watch the left hand while playing. Make sure to to practice moving the smallest muscles when playing fast. You can use you arms slighly, but the majority of the motion should be from moving your wrists and letting you drumstick teeter totter off of your fingers. Watch the free drum lesson below for details.


Vivek June Bollywood Marriage Proposal Video

When I proposed to my then girlfriend, I made up this Bollywood style music video to ask her to marry me. She said yes and now she is my wife! Someone from Yahoo's editorial staff saw my music video and decided to put in on the Yahoo Homepage for two days. It's been three years now and the video has been seen more than 567,000 times around the world.


Vivek and Jay Bucket Drumming

This is a cool video similar to the musical Stomp. I am playing with a good friend of mine named Jay at Cal Poly Pomona back in 1999. We learned most of the patterns that we used back in the Diamond Bar High School Drumline. Our teacher's name is Stuart Pompel. He actually founded the Pacific Crest Drum Corps.



Sit and Shave Infomercial

Here is an infomercial for a Gag Gift that I invented called the Sit n Shave. For some reason people always added extra letters to the title of my invention. Many people liked my infomercial, but I haven't sold a single one! If you want, you could buy one from me from at


Vivek American Inventor TV Show Appearance

I was on the American Inventor TV Show for my Gag Gift, the Sit n Shave. I came up with a product help people multitask while in the restroom. My picture was on the ABC home page for two months! I was right next to Eva Longoria, and the Grey's Anatomy cast! Tom Cruz was also on the same page where my video appeared.


Vivek Funny Faces

I couldn't resist testing out the time lapse mode on my Optio S6 Camera to see if I could make a disturbing video. Some people like it some people hate it. It is what it is, enjoy. June Van De Graaf Generator Video

In this video my then girlfriend now wife is sitting on a plastic law chair with her feet placed on a $125 Van De Graaf Generator from Edmund Scientific. It was a hot dry day, so the static actually did a great job making her hair stand on end. Enjoy the video.



Nuvein Foundation TalentGUY Bucket Drumming Performance

In this video, I performed a little bucket drumming in the Stomp musical style. Hope you enjoy it.


Bucket Drumming

Here is another version of the same bucket drumming performance at my house. I am using the same $21 bass drum pedal that you can buy from my Musical Instrument link up above.



Bollywood AcappelaTalentguy Raat Ka Sooraj Music Video

Below is a Bollywood A Capella song that I arranged. I "borrowed" the part in the middle from an Indian Song called Neele Neele Umbar. The rest is my own composition. My friend from Cal Poly, Shruti Marathe was the one that actually sang the song, but my wife actually made the music video with me.


Vivek Babtiwale Talentguy Tesla Coil Video

Below is a video of a Tesla Coil that I made back around 2003. I used a standard neon sign transformer and a static spark gap. The video of the lighting in this video was almost 4 feet long.


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